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WSDC Points Registry

Swingtimate is a World Swing Dance Council ("WSDC") Registry Event. As such, points are awarded to the winners and place getters (and possibly finalists) of our Jack & Jill Competitions. The WSDC records and tracks every competitor and these points are used to identify the category a person should compete in. There must be a minimum of five couples per category for points to be recorded.


Points will be recorded and tracked as follows:

Tier / # of Competitors







Tier 1  







Tier 2  






6 to 10th
1 pt
Tier 3






1pt all finalists

The guidelines for each category are set out on this page. If you want to enter a category for which you do not meet the entry requirements stated or want to change categories, you may submit a petition by sending us an email with a brief explanation of the reason(s) for your request.

We will consider your petition and approve or deny your petition based on your reasons and dance history. Please note, if you have petitioned to dance at a higher division at one event you may still need to petition at future events.

Jack & Jill Competition

Jack & Jill competitions are designed to highlight skills in spontaneous WCS dancing and the ability to dance well with a variety of partners. Competitors enter as individuals, are randomly assigned partners and dance to music selected by Raw Connection. Male competitors must enter as "leaders" and female competitors must enter as "followers".

Novice Category

A person should compete in Novice if they have earned fewer than 15 Novice points and do not otherwise qualify for the Intermediate category.

Intermediate Category

A person should compete in Intermediate if they have already competed at the Intermediate level and hold Intermediate points (and don't qualify for a higher category) or they have earned 15 or more Novice points.

Advanced/All Star Category

A person should compete in this category if they do not qualify for any other Jack & Jill category (ie: they hold Advanced or higher level points).

PLEASE NOTE: Each category will only proceed if 5 or more leaders and 5 or more followers register for the relevant category.

Workshop Structure

Swingtimate is designed to ensure the continued growth and development of each and every dancer who attends. We believe it is important that everyone is provided with a challenge so they remain motivated and inspired. With this in mind, Swingtimate has different levels of workshops to cater for everyone attending.

Open Workshops

These workshops are suitable for everyone who is attending the event. They are designed to provide important information while catering for a range of dance levels and experience.

Intermediate/ Advanced Workshops

These workshops are aimed at providing more experienced WCS dancers with upper level concepts and techniques at a faster pace. Due to the challenging nature and pace of these workshops, they are limited to those dancers who qualify for Intermediate competition level or above according to the World Swing Dance Council requirements.

If you have any questions concerning the format of the workshops, please contact us at

Fun Competitions


Dancers of ALL levels are welcome to enter regardless of how many WSDC points you have. So it is possible for an Adv dancer to draw an Adv dancer or a Novice and Adv to draw each other etc. Once you draw your J&J partner, you will be judged as a “Couple” whether it is a prelim or a final. Places will be limited to the first 30 leads and 30 follows to register.

Sophisticated Strictly Swing

This competition is for persons over the age of 35 years

Winners Invitational Tournament

The top 2 couples from our Novice J&J comps will be partnered up with either Ben, Brad, Jakub or Emeline. The top 2 couples from Intermediate will be partnered up with the top 2 couples from Adv/AS. Our 8 couples will battle it out in an elimination style tournament over three rounds. Our Novice, Intermediate and Adv/AS J&J finalists will be invited to be our judges, only 1 couple will emerge victorious!

Questions? Call +61 (0) 410 441 689 or email