What is WCS?

West Coast Swing originated from Lindy Hop during the 1940’s and is the State dance of California, USA. Today, WCS is identified by the smooth look that comes from its resistance/compression technique of partner connection.

It is a linear dance, where the leader primarily dances in place as the follower travels back and forth along a slotted area. WCS highlights the importance of partner connection and technique whilst allowing both partners the ability and freedom to express individual musical interpretation.

Allowing for timing variations and syncopations, slot and rhythm changes, West Coast Swing definitely becomes more addictive the better you get at it. Best of all, you don’t need to be an experienced dancer or spend heaps on tuition to be good enough to have fun.

New to Dance?

Come to class with an open mind, relax and have fun. Our teaching style and class curriculum are designed to take the stress out of learning and our staff are friendly, approachable and always willing to help.

You can come alone, with a group of friends or a partner. Group classes are very social and a great way to meet new people, get out of the house and get fit.

Once you’ve learnt the basic WCS patterns, the sky is the limit! Not only will you have made many new friends, you will be able to dance to all kinds of music, anywhere, anytime with anyone.

Remember, the hardest part about learning how to dance is taking the first step and showing up at a class.


Allan Skinner

(Directors and Principal Teacher)

Allan Skinner opened Raw Connection West Coast Swing in June 2009 and has grown it into the biggest WCS school in Queensland. He has won the Australian Open WCS Classic Title 3 times and is the Director of the popular events Swingsation, Swingtimate and The Australasian WCS & Zouk Championships.

Allan has received tuition from some of the best WCS dancers in the world including WCS Champions Kyle Redd, Sarah Vann Drake, Ben Morris, Jennifer DeLuca, Jordan Frisbee, Tatiana Mollman, Benji Schwimmer, Micheal Keilbasa, Arjay Centeno, Maxence Martin and Virginie Grondin amongst others.

Allan’s competition wins and reputation are not undeserved, with over 15 years of dance experience, he is well known for his teaching style and infectious personality. He loves MC’ing, DJ’n, teaching, competing and getting to meet and dance with people all over the word. Most of all, Allan is passionate about the development of WCS in Queensland and and inspiring the Australasian WCS community.