Swayd Dance Shoes

Raw Connection is the Australian distributor of Swayd dance shoes.
Please contact Allan to order your pair today!

Dance Floor Hire

Our American Portable Dance Floor offers the highest quality, extremely durable modular wood flooring system. The unique, patented lock mechanism allows for an efficient and tool-free installation while maintaining maximum interlocking security.

Every panel is routed with state-of-the-art CNC equipment to ensure accuracy up to one-thousandth of an inch and we are the only company to offer matching wood transitions and borders. Our lightweight, weather resistant panels are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications and will stand-up to all styles of dance.

We are able to offer 400 square feet of premium hard wood portable dance floor for all your convention and competition needs. The quality of our floor is consistent from the first panel to the last. All dancers, regardless of their level of dance, will enjoy dancing to their potential. You can dance for hours and not feel the impact on your body; this includes spinning, sliding, and footwork. Our goal is to supply you with a top quality floor for the most reasonable price.